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I didn't understand - I mean, everything went very well between us.

He didn't want to explain to me in the beginning, but after asking him many times he eventually did.

I know that men/women relationships outside marriages are not allowed and that marriage is something really important in his culture, but he never proposed to me or mentioned it.

All he says is that it's complicated, but that still doesn't answer my question of why we can't be together. Is there anyone who can explain to me why it is not possible for us to be together?

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I was seeing a Jordanian man who I met in Jordan last year.

We had a wonderful time together, a time words cannot describe. However, he recently broke up with me because there was 'no future for us'.

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He said that he will have to choose between me or his family and everything else.

He also told me that marriage is something really important and that it wasn't easy for him that we were involved while we were not married.

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Jeez, sometimes when you say you like the English version of anime to Japanese anime puritans, it's like saying "Hi! We allow Yaoi which not everyone loves but we can't allow dark fics? And introducing ATLoves Sweetsmmm Candy, laustic, Tomi Lang, Irene Gerke, and Kaoru Kamiya307 for reviewing my Tsubasa stories. Occupations: Fanfic Author, Aspiring Authoress, Gay Rights Activist, Thespian, Self-Proclaimed Bisexual, Chocoholic, Otaku, Episcopalian, Pro-Choice Activist, Pacifist, Food Lover, Aspiring Cook and Twin Sister.

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Dating someone when you are older isn't as easy as one might think.

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She said: “Don’t laugh for I heard Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: If a Muslim runs a thorn or (gets into trouble) severe than this, there is assured for him (a higher) rank and his sins are obliterated." Once when travelling, one of the sahabah fell asleep, the others got some rope and tied him up.

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